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Order and delivery terms and conditions


Valid as of 12.6.2017


Believebytuularossi.com online store products are sold by Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy (business ID: 0881912-5). We sell products to people of legal age inside the EU. On request we also sell products to other countries with separate agreement by contacting via e-mail; service@believebytuularossi.com. The value added tax is included in the product prices. We reserve the rights to change the prices and postage fees.


The products are primarily ordered through the internet on www.believebytuularossi.com by using the shopping bag. All orders are confirmed by e-mail with information about the price of the order, the delivery fees and the ordered products. In order to get the order confirmation, you must enter your e-mail address during the order. The client is bound by the valid order and delivery terms and conditions in connection with every order.

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy does not guarantee the availability of the products and has the right to reject the order, without compensation for the client, due to unavailable product.

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy reserves the right to cancel an order in the case of a (clear) price error. A (clear) price error means in e-commerce that the price of the product diverges clearly and significantly differs from the real price of the product (for example, if the product has a price of 0.00 euros, 4,79 euros or item has no price at all). In this case, incorrect price differs so clearly from the right price, the customer shall be considered to have understood the price information as incorrect.


The products and their delivery fees are paid in connection with the order. The payment goes through a third-party website ayden.com. Various payment methods are avialble. More information about the payment method provider can be found on http://www.ayden.com


We ship products each working day. The indication for the delivery time is 2 to 6 working days depending on the order destination and bank connections. In Finland, the expected delivery time for a parcel is 1 to 2 working days and the expected delivery time for a Posti Parcel Connect parcel inside the EU is 2 to 6 working days. Significant disruptions in delivery times can be announced on the Believebytuularossi website. Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy is not responsible for delivery delays. Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy is not responsible for possible damages caused by the exceeding of the reported delivery time. If the product you ordered is (currently) not available, we will contact you by e-mail or by phone.


Delivery to Finland and EU countries on Believebytuularossi.com orders is free of charge.

The mail and packing fees are included in the price. We deliver orders to Finland as a postal parcel, home parcel or a maxi letter, but only a parcel can be tracked with an Item ID. We deliver the orders to EU countries as a Posti Parcel Connect parcel. More information about Posti’s parcel alternatives and delivery methods can be found on http://www.posti.fi/

The Client has the right to return or exchange the product within 14 days after delivery. If local legislation states a different legal defined period, that period will pre-exceed the listed 14 days. The exchange right only applies to unused and vendible products in their original package and they have to be in identical condition that the Client received it and all labels need to be in place. Any damages on the return delivery are the responsibility of the Client. Any signs that products have been worn will be validated as a buy of the product, meaning no return is not possible and money will not be reimbursed. Attach the following information to the returned product(s): your client number, name, address, phone number, bank account number as well as a copy of the BELIEVE by tuula rossi order confirmation. All information needs to be complete. Incomplete information will lead to non-reimbursement of the parcel.

The return fee is for the account of the Client, but the return is free of charge if the Client keeps one or more of several products ordered at the same time. If the client wants to change the size of a product, no delivery fee is charged for the new shipment. If the client wants to exchange the returned product to an entirely new product, it will be regarded as a new order. All return cost involved are for the account of the Client

In case Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy needs to take of a return the charge is € 9,95 per return parcel in Finland and EU countries. The delivery fee can be subject to change. Return from outside EU are subject to actual tariffs as per country and shipping method.

Return address: Ask for the Client return ID that entitles you to return the product.

When the return is accepted, the money is returned to your account after the acceptance and processing of the return with the return fee deducted, if the client is responsible for the return fee.

The refund is issued after the returned product has arrived at Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy and the condition has been checked.

If the product is faulty, or damaged during the shipment, the Client must inform Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy’s customer service within 24 hours after the delivery of the product to the Client. Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy endeavours to replace the faulty product with a new one, but if this is not possible Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy will refund the client with the product’s price and delivery fee. The refund is issued after the parcel is received by Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy and the defect has been confirmed. The Client should contact Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy’s customer service if she/he wishes to receive more information about the matter.

The products can be returned with the postal customer return which you can get from service@believebytuularossi.com. Believebytuularossi.com primarily does not stand for the return fees.

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy webshop customer service e-mail address:


Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy customer service mailing address:

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy, Saniaiskorventie 18, 15870 Hollola.

The Client has to notify about an incorrect shipment or faulty product within 24 hours of receiving the product.


Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy and believebytuularossi.com are not responsible for the immediate or indirect loss, damage, or loss of income due to the product and/or service. Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy’s liability to compensate is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. In case product defect liability is applicable this will be limited to the possible purchase price minus usage.

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy is not bound to fulfil the contract and is not obliged to answer for delays or damages that occur due to hinders outside of its possibility to influence, that it could not anticipate within reason or that it could not avoid. These overpowering obstacles (force majeure) include fires, labour disputes, wars, natural catastrophes, interventions by any governmental authority, failure of a common carrier, supplier, hardware, software, browser or network connection.


Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy takes responsibility for all personal information a Client gives us or that is obtained in connection with your order.

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy does not share personal information with third-parties.

The client’s information is stored in Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy’s Client register and it is used to maintain the customer relationship. Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy additionally has the right to handle and give out information in the register for justifiable means (like direct marketing). A complete privacy policy in accordance with the Personal Data Act can be found on www.believebytuularossi.com/personaldataact.

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy reserves the right to modify the webshop, its policies and order and delivery terms at any time.


Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property rights, (including but not limited to copyright, trade marks, registered and unregistered designs, database rights, domain names and goodwill (“Intellectual Property Rights”) in all content, including all text, graphics, logos, photographs and images) is the exclusive property of Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy. Any commercial use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution and transmission of any content is strictly prohibited without the consent of Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy.


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